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We are kasl: lyrics + stories

Our version of liner notes. 8 lyrics + 8 stories. The accompanied stories are inspired by the songs. They unwrap another layer of thought and subtext in the work and take on a life of their own outside the original creation. It is our hope that you will use this as a companion to the music. In another lifetime we each sat on our respective bedroom floors and memorized the words to our favorite songs. We invite you to do the same.


We are kasl: sampler cd

Jonesing for some KASL music before our official album release? Have no fear, snag a copy of our sampler CD to hold you over. 

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Can't choose? Get the KASL sampler CD + We Are KASL Lyric Book together for a wallet friendly price. Pop in the music, study the lyrics, get lost in the stories. We dare you.